Hi, Welcome to Sushi Bears!

We specialize in teaching people how to make sushi! In our sushi making class you will learn about which rice to use, and how to prepare it, as well as the sushi rice seasoning! Then you will roll a regular sushi roll and an inside out roll! It is so much fun, and then you can eat the sushi you created! Now you will be ready to make sushi at home!

Sushi Making Parties at your home or business are a blast! We can accommodate any size group as long as you have a place for everyone to sit or stand and roll sushi! Sometimes we take a larger group and split them up into smaller groups to take turns! Sushi Making Parties are always a ton of fun!

We also love to Cater. Let us deliver the food you want to eat at your event! For an added touch we can have a sushi chef rolling sushi at your party as a demonstration or just to put on a show!

Private Chef services put on a show or demonstration of sushi rolling at your party and allow for some guest interaction with the sushi chef! Its fun to watch!

Learn more about our Classes, Parties, Catering, or Private Chef Services when browsing through the other pages on this website! Thanks!

See you soon!