Sushi Rolling Parties at Your Location!

Do you want us to teach you how to make sushi from the comfort of your own home or at your workplace?

These parties are group lessons that take place in your own home! It is a lot of fun to get your friends together and learn to make sushi, and then everyone can eat it together! Each person will be able to roll 2 rolls of sushi during the lesson, a regular roll and an inside out roll! The class is sold for $200 for 6 people, and each person will learn the skills needed to become a sushi master! The host of the party will get one DVD for reminders of sushi making! Its a lot of fun to make sushi with your friends from the comfort of your own home, and if your group is larger than 6 people then you can add more people for $20 per added guest.

Sushi Parties are available any day of the week! Just call to schedule for availability and we will do our best to honor the Time and Date that fits your wants! We like to do dinner parties around 6pm, and they last one and half hours or two hours.

Sushi parties can also be held at your workplace as team building or employee fun activity! We have also hosted many sushi making birthday parties or for any fun reason! We can accommodate groups of 6 to 60, its up to you! The cost for larger groups will vary from $20 per person and decrease to $15 per person for groups of twenty or more people!

A trip charge of anywhere from $10-$40 may be added depending on where your party is being held! Just ask when scheduling.

To learn more about larger group parties or catering services click here!