Chef Dan, Cincinnati

I'm Chef Dan. I have been interested in opening a restaurant since I was a kid. When I was little I even made cooking shows with my parents camcorder! I have cooked at many different restaurants around the Greater Cincinnati Area, and always enjoy creating a great meal. I went to Culinary school at the Great Oaks here in Cincy, but have learned most of my specialties apprenticing with other great chefs!

For the last eight years I had been teaching cooking classes at Findlay Market in Downtown Cincy! It was wonderful meetings so many thousands of foodies at my cooking school! I also operated a juice bar and lunch cafe during my years at Findlay Market serving tons of our legendary wheatgrass lemonade! In the summer of 2017 we closed our doors at Findlay Market to allow for more time and focus on to my new venture of opening a bar where I an teach cocktail classes!

My newest endeavor is opening up a bar in Northside called MixWells! While I will be focussed on the cocktail creations there I will also add some bar snacks and light food options as the bar evolves!