Chef Dan, Cincinnati

I'm Chef Dan. I have been interested in opening a restaurant since I was a kid. When I was little I even made cooking shows with my parents camcorder! I have cooked at many different restaurants around the Greater Cincinnati Area, and always enjoy creating a great meal. I went to Culinary school at the Great Oaks here in Cincy, but have learned most of my specialties apprenticing with other great chefs!

For the last five years I have also been teaching cooking classes at Findlay Market in Downtown Cincy! I find that this is one of the best places to reach a diverse gathering of locals and even people who are just visiting Cincinnati, and I couldn't think of a better place to set up my little cooking school. So many of the vegetables we use and spices we mix in can be found right here at Findlay Market! With all of the fresh seafood and produce around it will be convenient to come up with fun new types of dishes all the time. The crowds of Findlay Market are perfect, so come and enjoy!

My newest endeavor is going to be opening up a Brunch Cafe at Findlay Market this spring of 2015! I am excited to create some unique breakfast and lunch ideas!

Chef Erin, Lexington!

I'm Chef Erin, and I love everything about food! I began my journey in the food industry when I was in College at U.C. studying journalism! I became an apprentice to Chef Dan in 2012 and have really grown as a chef since then! I have been cooking for the cafe, and teaching cooking classes for over 2 years now, and really love working with the students and people who always have so much fun when we cook together! My next step is to focus on hosting in home cooking parties in the Lexington Kentucky area! I love teaching people how to make fun food in their own homes, and passing along the skills I have learned on to them! Lets make some amazing food together and fill up our bellies!